Other Statutory Surveys

Statutory surveys are carried out in accordance with an act or ordinance, some of them are

  • Land Development Ordinance
  • State Land Ordinance
  • Land Acquisition Act
  • Special Provisions Act
  • Registration of Title Act, …., etc

Mainly surveys are carried out by the survey department related to these acts are, surveys for issue of grant / long term lease, acquisition surveys, surveys for vesting, surveys for disposal of state land, …, etc.

Divisional Secretaries, Commissioner for Title Registration, NHDA, UDA, RDA, Water Supply and Drainage Board, other Government Departments and Statutory Bodies are the main clients of the Survey Department regarding these statutory surveys.

Presently Survey Department has already commenced cadastral surveys under the Registration of Title Act and is currently preparing cadastral maps for all survey requests received by the survey department from clients.