Surveyor General's Message

Assuming the duties as the 51st Surveyor General of Sri Lanka, I am privileged to welcome you all with my warmth gratitude to the fifty Surveyor Generals who led the Survey Department performing remarkable duties for last 221 years.

The Survey Department of Sri Lanka was proclaimed on 2nd day in August 1800 by the colonial rulers in order to regulate land surveying and mapping in the country. Since then, Survey Department has been performing its mandatory duties being the pioneer in dissemination of geo-information products for national demand. It is our pride to memorize all the employees who had served with their utmost dedication for such a long period with invaluable service for developing Sri Lanka.

Commencing with preparation of title plans for selling the state lands, Survey Department had carried out massive surveying tasks in history entrusting her value and the recognition to the nation. Amongst those unforgettable massive survey tasks, I would like to remind you about; Preparation of Preliminary plans, Village surveys for settlement, Railway line surveys, Land Development and alienation surveys under various tank projects, Major irrigation projects; Mahaweli, Galoya and Minipe etc. Town surveys, establishing an accurate geodetic control network and precise leveling network island wide more than hundred years ago, completion of first topographical “one-inch” map series covering the entire country with ground survey technique and introducing Aerial Survey for mapping.

In recent past our contribution was given Southern Expressway, Harbor and Airport development projects, Central Expressway, Railway and Irrigation projects and Power generation projects etc. Meantime established a new National Geodetic Control Network and upgrading same to a higher level of accuracy with the introduction of GNSS technology.

In mapping activities, publishing a new topographic map series of 1 : 50,000, 1 : 10,000 and 1 : 2,000 City Maps of Colombo and suburbs, and establishment of Topographic Vector Databases at the scales of 1 : 250,000, 1 : 50,000 and 1 : 10,000. And publishing the National Atlas in all three languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English) and school atlas are key mile stones in that route.

Major on-going activities of the Department under new developing concepts of the Government are; carrying out surveys to map and database each and every piece of land in the country to issue owners with a clear title under ‘Bim Saviya’ programme, contributing to Northern, Central, Ruwanpura expressway projects and Colombo Elevated Highway Project, Acquisition and resettlement surveys in the country and state land alienation for development and agricultural projects. Surveys for preservation of Archeological sites in the country etc.

Today, the Survey Department is enriched with the world-best technology in handling and managing of any Geo-information task. NSDI has been launched to sustain the geospatial data sharing concept. Parcel based - Land Information System is becoming the reality. National geo-spatial data community is expecting a paradigm change against the enabling technology; Mobile GIS, Internet GIS, Web mapping and Location Based Services (LBS) as smart applications. Our young generation should come up with innovative thinking to co-op up the challenges. Parcel-based land information can be incorporated with statistical data for better decision making. Incorporate with provision of subsidies for agriculture, farming, forestry etc. and to verify land utilization, and management, crop forecast etc. in a precise way and establishing a sustainable precise location determination system throughout the country. Educating a generation with technological know-how on geo-IT, land administration and management, geo information shearing and dissemination has timely commenced for the betterment of the industry at the training institute.

Invite our young generation to wake up with geo research for exploring science and technology to cope up with dramatic change of new technology that opens the gate for the country’s development aiming the wellbeing of the nation.

Let’s remind our vision; To be the leader of Land Information right through and our Mission; To provide high quality land information products and services through professionally qualified and dedicated personal.

As the duty respected, dedicated personnel in the Survey Department, Let’s embrace our duty as the responsibility and the challenge of the era. Individually we are drops of water, but collectively, we are the ocean; Survey Department shall guide and direct you to perform your duties for the development of the country with honesty and dedication, upholding the noble traditions of the profession.

Wish you a better tomorrow with courage and commitment..!!!


Surveyor General