Surveyor General's Message

As the 53rd Surveyor General of Sri Lanka, it is a matter of honor and immense pleasure that destiny has given me an opportunity to lead the Sri Lanka Survey Department which is the National Organization for Surveying and Mapping of this county. In such a glad moment, it is my great pleasure to express my sincerest gratitude to all the fifty-two Surveyor Generals and the staff for their outstanding obligations for the past 222 years.

With a history of 222 years and has rendered immense service to the country, the Survey Department was established on the 2nd of August 1800, which has been continuously leading a role in most of the development activities in Sri Lanka with pride by performing its binding duties being the pioneer in the dissemination of geo-information products for national demand.

This new year falls on the 75th Independence Day celebrations and in line with development approach under the theme “A step towards the new century” has brought new expectations for all of us serving in the public service. We should take necessary action to introduce citizen charters, online service delivery methods and to decentralize the services. The online services are delivered at Surveyor General‟s Office and others services from Provincial, District and Divisional level. Further, it is highly necessary for the officers from at all the levels to ensure the collective efforts for obtaining the contribution of the younger generation.

Survey Department had carried out massive surveying tasks in history entrusting her value and recognition to the nation. Amongst those unforgettable massive survey tasks, some of the significant projects were the preparation of Preliminary plans, Village surveys for settlement, Railway line surveys, Land Development and alienation surveys under various tank projects, Major irrigation projects, town surveys establishing accurate geodetic, leveling control network throughout country, etc.

Survey Department involving in Cadastral Surveys to issue clear title to every land parcel under the „Bim Saviya‟ program and developed a parcel-based land information for each and every piece of land in the country. Further, the department is also engaging in contributing to Northern, Central, Ruwanpura Expressway Projects, Plantation Surveys, Acquisition and resettlement surveys and state land alienation for development and agricultural projects, Palali Airport Establishment Project and Surveys for the preservation of Archeological sites in the country.

On the other hand, I am proud to say that as the national mapping organization of this country, under the mapping program of mapping the whole country in different scales. The second edition of 1: 50,000 Topographic Map Series and 1: 10,000 Topographic Map Series with the latest technologies were covered for the entire country. Moreover, the publishing of the National Atlas to the country in all three languages and school atlas are some of the remarkable achievements in the history of the department in the field of mapping. In addition the department has produced different types of maps such as road maps, tourist maps, Divisional Secretariat Maps as per the necessity of the nation.

At this juncture, I believe it is my duty to remind the contribution of the Survey Department of Sri Lanka to the land surveying education sector in this country. It is no exaggeration to say that the Sri Lanka Survey Department and Institute of Surveying and Mapping, Diyatalawa under the leadership of several Surveyor Generals alone has rendered a tremendous service to this profession and its education over a period of 200 years to advance the profession and its educational activities in the midst of many challenges nationally and internationally. I am pleased to announce that the Department and the Institute of Surveying and Mapping will continue to dedicate themselves to this educational service to the nation.

I strongly believe at present, the Survey Department is marching ahead in the right direction for the prosperity of our country with the dedicated well qualified professionals with a vision of „To be the leader of Land Information right through' and the mission to 'Provide high quality land information products and services through a professionally qualified and dedicated person‟ by providing opportunity to the future generation and playing a positive role in nation-building.

Further, we will create a disciplined, law abiding, good society to make our motherland a prosperous democratic state under the vision of “A step forward towards the new century” by achieving sustainable development goals.

We are here for you! Wish a better tomorrow for our nation and all of you with courage and dedication... !!!


Surveyor General