Mapping out Forest, Wildlife, and Water Reserves etc.

Investor's guide provides the visitor with the country’s available lands with legal restrictions such as forest reserves, wildlife reserves, sanctuaries, water etc.

The aim of publishing the geo-spatial information in web format is to reduce the time spent for finding locations for the investors in implementing their development proposals.

The information included in the App was the data provided by the respective institutions/departments who are legally responsible for maintaining those. The following options are available in this application.

    • To switch the base map when finding the details of the location of interest.

    • The user can be uploaded its kml file of the area of interest (AOI) for searching the details fallen in the AOI.

Investor's Guide caters to get the basic information on the reserves and other specific features. It is the best and the simplest way to find the details before log into the various types of investment project.

The contact details of the responsible officers are given for further clarifications.